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How Often Should You Regenerate Your Water Softener?

If you’ve noticed an odd noise in your mechanical room or the utility closet, that is probably your water softener regenerates. But then how often do you hear this sound, do you hear it regularly or do you seldom notice? And do you take note of how often this sound comes on? One important question that we ask when using a water softener, is how often it should regenerate. But first, what is water softener regeneration?


A water softener operates with a method of ion exchange. This process involves hard water being passed over a bed of resin and this secures the hardness of the water, bringing about magnesium and calcium ions. The resin would become overwhelmed and saturated as time goes by, and so it must be regenerated or in simpler words, recharged. When a water softener is being regenerated, the process involves salt removing the minerals from the resin. This process revitalizes your water softener and this keeps it operating competently.

How Often Should You Regenerate It?

With the definition and explanation above, it is quite obvious that regular and frequent regenerations are necessary to keep your water softener working efficiently and keep the resin bed fully functional. Regeneration should occur generally every two or three days although this is determined by some factors that should be put into consideration. A quality water softener would regenerate automatically and can even do so more than twice a day or every day in a week.

Factors That Determine How Often Your Water Softener Should Regenerate

  1. The amount of iron in your water is an important factor. If you have high levels of iron in your water, your resin bed would work twice as hard in softening your water and then you would have to regenerate it often to keep it working efficiently.
  2. The same goes for the hardness of your water. A water softener is important because it turns the hard water in your home into soft water. If your water is very hard, your water softener would have a lot of work to do and hence, it would need frequent regeneration.
  3. The capacity of your resin tank is also important. If your resin tank does not carry a lot of water, there would be no need for constant regeneration.
  4. The water intake of your home is also as important. The amount of water that goes through your water softener determines how often it needs to regenerate and when your water intake increases, the regeneration would have to be more often.
  5. You also have to consider the age of your system. An older system would have to regenerate often.

You also have to look out for the type of control valve that your water softener uses, because this determines the rate at which your water heater regenerates. Some water softeners include a clock that would regenerate at your stipulated desired time. You should regenerate your water in the middle of the night so that you can avoid having untreated water in your home during the day.

By - Maria

5 Easy Ways to Make Your House More Salable

Preparing your home for sale is what you are up to, this can be termed as “staging” which is important for you to make it sell faster at good prices.

You may think that your home is absolutely ready for selling but are you sure? You need to know the basics when it is about house selling. There are a number of reasons that impact the buyer’s mood and preferences. So let us see what you can do to make your house salable.

  1. Fixing Little Things: It is obvious that you have lived in this place for years so you are overlooking some details. Fixing small things is the smartest thing you can get your home on the list of buyer’s. So what are these? The broken doorknob, dripping faucet, cracked tile of kitchen, dirty lawn and windows all these can turn off anybody’s mood. Little repairs can polish your home well. It is simple that if a buyer roams around any part of your home he/she cannot find any flaw. Look from their eyes and you will know what should be your next step.
  2. Price it right: Find the bet worth of your property and keep 15 to 20 % low the price. As the market is tough buyers will stamp you with multiple bids. So be ready and make it worthy.
  3. Always Listen to your Realtor: If you are looking for a good real estate agent take time do not hurry. Gather information about them and see how well their reputation is in the market. Also, ask details from them that can enhance your space. Realtor is in the business hence they know what things buyer’s like and what not to do as they say.
  4. Make it Appealing: Buyer always sees your home from the exterior before they enter. As said first impression matters so you need to make your home look good from the outside first so that it maintains interest in them. Removing clutters like getting home newly painted, adding plants, cleaning lawns and improving landscape these should be your topmost priority. These all add home values so making efforts will pay you off later. Adding greenery and fresh flowers to your lawn won’t be that expensive if done by you. Everything matters, augment little details.
  5. Updating furniture and Improving Lightings: Empty rooms look poor. Bring some updated and trendy furniture. Enhance bedroom with air mattress and bed frames. Similarly, add over slashing chairs and sofa in living rooms.

People do not pay much attention towards lights but the right light sets the mood. A flattering bulb invokes coziness and gives a welcoming feel. A bulb with red or blue undertone is very much liked.


Following these tips will not only make your home preferable among sellers but will add value to it. The sale process will go smoothly if you make sure that your home is neat and clean and eye catchy.

Remember always see your home from a buyer’s eye and then you will get answers that you are looking for. Still, if you are stuck somewhere write to us in the comment box below and we will help you with it.